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The update for the week ending July 22nd can be found on our Facebook page: Holy Hospitality | Circle of Peace Church and below:

Pastor Jeremy is teaching the 9:15 a.m. adult Bible study on Sunday, July 22nd. To prepare read Luke 5:17-39.

To prepare for 10:30 a.m. worship, read Psalm 84, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.  Pastor Jeremy is preaching.

Kid’s Classes

We have excellent childcare for infants through preschool available Sundays from 9 am to 12 noon in Room 3.

Your elementary-age kids can come to Room 4 during our 9:15 a.m. Sunday School hour OR during our 10:30 a.m. service. Kindergarten-5th Graders are encouraged to join our awesome Children’s Ministry staff in room 2.

You can find more information about our programs for kids on Facebook. Like “Kids at Circle” for updates on what the kids are learning. See you Sunday!

Youth at Circle

Our next youth event for kids in Grades 6 through 12 will be the weekend of July 21-22. See Brittany or Jaime for more information.

Like our ‘Youth at Circle” Facebook page for more details and contact Jaime Howard (jaime@circleofpeacechurch.com) with any questions.


Several people have come to pastor Jeremy saying they are ready to make one or more of the following commitments:
1.  They are ready to be baptized
2.  They are ready to become formal members of Circle
3.  They are ready to dedicate their babies

If you are ready for any of the above, or if you’re just curious and have questions, please email pastor Jeremy at pastor@circleofpeacechurch.com.

Fifth Sunday Family Church

You may know that on Sundays at 10:30 am, children in grades K to 5th have the option to go with Jaime Howard back to the classrooms, for a kids church.  (Kids are always welcome to sit with their families in worship, however).  But: on the fifth Sunday of the month, Circle will have Family Church.   During Family Church, kids will remain in the worship center with their parents during the entire worship service.  Jaime will have extra activities for kids to do in their seats, and we’ll try to involve the kids in worship in some way.  The next Fifth Sunday Family Church is: July 29.  It might be a little crazy, but ought to be a lot of fun.  Any questions, see Jaime Howard.

School Supply Drive

All summer we’ll gather school supplies for Phoenix kids in poverty.
Bring to church anytime:
Pens (black, blue, red)
Colored pencils/markers/crayons
#2 pencils, sharpeners, erasers
Whiteboard markers
Highlighters of all colors
Safe scissors
1” 3-ring binders
Wire notebooks
Lined paper & reams of white copy pape
Hand sanitizer, boxes of Kleenex
Navy or white school uniform tops (Polo), khaki pants – all sizes.


Playdate = Parents hang out after church, families eat together, kiddos play.
Bring your own sack lunch, all welcome, RSVP if you can by calling 623-879-6700

July 22, 12-1:30 PM, pool party @ the Hartman house (call for address)

Fire Circles

Fire Circles = Small Groups for meeting people, Bible study, sharing, and prayer.

7/19, 7/26 (Dinner at Circle of Peace Church 8/2)

Three options:
Thurs 10 AM—12 PM (Youngblood)
Thurs 5-7 PM (Martinez/Howard)
Thurs 5-7 PM (Carothers/Ashworth)
Call 623-879-6700 for locations and more info. Childcare provided at evening groups!

Meet people. Grow in faith. Light the fire!

What is it?
Fire Circles, small groups at Circle.

What will we be doing?
Simple bible reflection, sharing, and prayer.

How much preparation do I have to do? Is there a book to read?
You can do as little or as much preparation as you want, and you can read the Bible! The scriptures we cover will be the same scriptures covered in the previous week’s sermon. The focus will be on application: “How does this apply to my life now?”

What if I’m not a Bible expert?
You don’t have to be a Bible expert. It’s not about data, it’s about application: “How does this apply to my life now?”

How many groups will there be?
Three separate groups in three separate locations with three separate leaders.

Which one do I come to?
Whatever one you want! And if you want to try out different groups, that’s fine too.

How many weeks will we meet?
Each group will meet for seven weeks. On the eighth week, we’ll all get together and have a dinner party.

What if I can’t make it to all seven weeks?
Come anyway! Come when you can.

What about kids? Pet allergies? Food?
Some sites will have childcare (see Circle of Peace FB page for other options). Two of three sites have no pets in the house (see Circle of Peace FB page for other options). Two of three sites have the option to grab some takeout and come early, but no meals will be provided by any site.

Do I need to RSVP?
Not required, but golly it would be helpful!

Can I invite friends?

Fire Circles Schedule, Location, and Notes:

Group 1:
• Location: Youngblood Home – near Bell/101, call for location: 623-451-1199
• Leader/s: Clark & Marian
• Day and time: Thursdays, 10 AM optional BYO breakfast, 11-12 PM group
• Dates:   7/19, 7/26 (Dinner at Circle of Peace Church 8/2)
• Childcare: No
• Other notes: Pets in the home
• RSVP: Marian, 623-451-1199, Pastor Jeremy 602-708-8061

Group 2:
• Location: Martinez Home – near Circle, call for location: 858-761-4697
• Leader/s: Jan & Chuy
• Day and time: Thursdays, 5-6 PM optional BYO dinner, 6-7 PM group
• Dates: 7/19, 7/26 (Dinner at Circle of Peace Church 8/2)
• Childcare: Yes
• Other notes: No pets in the home
• RSVP: Chuy, 858-761-4697

Group 3:
• Location: Pastor Jeremy’s house, Crossriver, Call for address 602-708-8061
• Leader/s: Pastor Jeremy
• Day and time: Thursdays, 5-6 PM optional BYO dinner, 6-7 PM group
• Dates: 7/19, 7/26 (Dinner at Circle of Peace Church 8/2)
• Childcare: Yes
• Other notes: No pets in the home
• RSVP: Pastor Jeremy, 602-708-8061

The Underground Coffee Project

Circle of Peace supports Tierra Nueva and The Underground Coffee Project by purchasing their coffee and serving it at our services.

Tierra Nueva accompanies men and women leaving America’s “underground” of crime, jail, prison, addiction, debt, and living in the shadows. Together they find a community of belonging, compassion, and they put their hands to new work.

Some of these recovering ex-offenders are now small-batch, artisan coffee roasters.

For more information visit http://www.undergroundcoffeeproject.com

Care Team

Could you or someone you know use a call, a prayer, or some encouragement? Want a visit from the Care Team, for you or someone else?Contact Louene Trout or Mary Jo Swartz!

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