Ways We Serve the Community

Following Jesus means loving and serving others, both locally and globally. Here is a partial list of the ministries we are involved with in an ongoing way.

1. Tierra Nueva and The Underground Coffee Project

Circle of Peace supports Tierra Nueva and The Underground Coffee Project by purchasing their coffee and serving it at our services.

Tierra Nueva accompanies men and women leaving America’s “underground” of crime, jail, prison, addiction, debt, and living in the shadows. Together they find a community of belonging, compassion, and they put their hands to new work.

Some of these recovering ex-offenders are now small-batch, artisan coffee roasters.

For more information visit http://underground.coffee


2. Supporting the Tokahookaadi Church and Lybrook Community Ministry.

The Tokahookaadi Church and Lybrook Community Ministry offers spiritual and material support to people on and around Navajo territory. Circle supports this holistic, renewing ministry. See http://www.lcmmission.org/

3. Clean water offering

Circle has provided clean and safe drinking water to families and villages in third world countries.  We did this through a ministry called
Filter of Hope (http://www.filterofhope.org/).

4. School Supplies for Phoenix kids

We know several area schools where the poverty rate exceeds 95%. We help by collecting school supplies for the kids. For more information, see here


5. Nigeria Crisis

For more information, see http://www.brethren.org/nigeriacrisis/ and Pastor Jeremy’s letter.

6. Sock Balls & Homeless Kits

We love collecting small, helpful items and assembling kits for the homeless that we hand out. Click here for more information.

7. Heart for the City

We love these guys! They have an amazing urban ministry. See Heart for the City.