School Supply Collection

school supply offering_

We know several teachers in Title 1 Schools, and our supplies will go directly to their students in need. Please bring your supplies to church on Sundays and place them in the box at the front of the Sanctuary. We will collect the following items through Sunday, August 4th.

· Backpacks
· Pens (black, blue, red)
· Colored pencils/markers/crayons
· #2 pencils
· Pencil sharpeners
· Erasers
· Whiteboard markers
· Highlighters (all different colors)
· Safe scissors
· 1” 3-ring Binders
· Wire notebooks
· Lined Paper
· Reams of white copy paper
· Hand sanitizer
· Boxes of Kleenex
· Navy or white school uniform tops (Polo)
· Khaki pants – all sizes