What kind of a church is Circle of Peace?
The fun kind!

OK, OK, we’re Christians. But we’re also fun.

Your best bet is to stop by and experience Circle for yourself. We’re a growing community of genuine people doing our best to follow Jesus.

What do you do with kids?
Click here to find out more about kids at Circle.

What do I wear to worship?
Great question. You really don’t have to think twice about it. Wear anything you find comfortable. Our pastor normally preaches in shorts and sandals in the summer.

What is the worship service like?
Again, stop by and find out. It’s casual. You’ll meet people, learn about the Bible, and it won’t be boring. It’s kid-friendly (we have great classes for kids). You won’t get lost in the crowd. We’ll sing a few songs, pray, take an offering, have a story for kids. If you want to hear what the sermons are like, click here. We’re done in about an hour.

Isn’t there a school and a counseling office at your building?
Yes! For more information on our facility partners, see Building Partners. This building is in use almost 7 days a week.

Why the name “Circle of Peace Church?”
All the good names were taken! (Just kidding)
Here are three ways that our name reflects our values:
1. Church = Trinity. We believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
2. Circle = Community. We make relationships a priority.
3. Peace = Shalom. Do you need more peace in your life? We sure do.
For more information, see “What’s In a Name”

What’s up with the vacant lot in front of your building?
Circle owns the land surrounding our building. When we outgrow our current facility, that’s the land we’ll build on.

Have you ever rented sign space on that land?
Yes. For more information, call 623-879-6700 or email us at info@circleofpeacechurch.com

Why do you have a maze with a cross on your property?
It’s a prayer path, or labyrinth. We built it as a way to help people pray. It’s located on a piece of land where we plan to build a larger worship center. (See “What Up With the Vacant Lot?” above). It just seemed right to make it a place of prayer before it becomes a house of prayer. You can read a reflection on our labyrinth here.

What’s up with the rock stacks?
Oh, our pastor does those. He says it’s cheaper than therapy.
Seriously though, here are three good reasons:
1. When a person is hiking, they know they’re going the right way when they see stacked rocks.
2. Look up “Ebenezers” in the Bible. Go ahead.
3. It’s fun, free, simple, and beautiful. Try it!

I don’t know a lot about religious stuff. Can I still come to Circle?

Are you part of a denomination or other Christian network?
Yes. But no matter what your religious background is, you’ll be welcome at Circle.
Church of the Brethren is our denominational family. You can find more here Church of the Brethren and here Pacific Southwest District – COB. And yes, we think the name “Brethren” sounds old-fashioned. Weird name, good church.